Anna Abreu, artist:

I conquered my fears – and got perfect sight!

I went in for laser surgery on my eyes because I wanted to get my sight up to par. As a performing artist, it’s good to be able to see your audience properly – I’m already looking forward to getting up on stage with my ‘new eyes’.

I’ve never used contact lenses at all, because they dry my eyes too much. Even with glasses, I’ve worn them only when watching TV or driving. I work out a lot at the gym, where it seems to me it’s just impossible to wear eyeglasses! I was forced to squint all the time, which caused me a lot of headaches.

It wasn’t being nearsighted that was such a big problem for me, but astigmatism made my vision a lot worse. I had seen badly for so many years that I just got used to it. My poor vision was perhaps a bigger problem for others than it was for me. I went for years without recognizing friends who came up to me in the street, for example.

I was afraid of laser surgery

I had thought about laser eye surgery for years. A friend of mine happened to be in the same boat, so going in for surgery together was easier. The operation itself was a difficult procedure for me, because I feared it so much. I dread the idea of anyone touching my eyes, and it felt really disgusting to think that somebody would tamper with them.

I was given sedatives before the procedure and I felt like I was in very good hands. My friend and I had to stay a few more hours for monitoring because our eyes were so tender. We even joked that we were probably the worst patients ever!

I would never have believed how happy FemtoLasik® surgery has made me. When we went out after the operation to eat, I cried out with joy – because I saw my husband already before he saw me! You can’t imagine the relief I felt!

There’s more freedom to life after laser eye surgery

Now I can manage life more freely and I can see everything in detail. It’s super to see the real shapes of trees in the park and watch telly without glasses. I even challenge my husband and friends to vision contests, because I can see much better than them! In the morning it’s a relief to wake up and really see what’s around you. And in the evening I can go to sleep without a headache caused by squinting.

I can warmly recommend FemtoLasik® laser surgery to everyone: even I was able to conquer my fears, and as a reward got perfect vision!


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