Jukka, 30, classroom/music teacher, musician, baseline vision approx. -11:

My lifelong dream was fulfilled!

I remember how – right after laser surgery – I could instantly read the time of day on the wall clock in the operating theatre. Before surgery, I wouldn’t have been able to see the whole wall – let alone the clock! On the way home, I marvelled at how I could distinguish one leaf from another in the trees: something I’d never been able to see before – even with glasses. Laser eye surgery is definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced!

I got my first glasses when I was five years old. Later I started using contact lenses – which I really wore a lot for over ten years. As a result of using contact lenses so long, my eyes got dry, irritable and tired. Using contacts became more painful: for example, during music gigs the use of smoke machines really badly irritated my eyes. Contact lenses also got in the way of my swimming hobby, because the chlorine really bothered my eyes.

I dreamt of laser surgery already as a kid

The first time I started dreaming of laser surgery was when I was in primary school. In 1991, my mother saw a news item in the paper where it said that Juhani Pietilä was the first one to start up laser eye surgery in Finland. My mom said at the time that when I grew up, I could go and have an eye operation.

My lifelong dream came true in 2008 when I got enough money together from student savings and work to order the surgery. Acquainting myself with the FemtoLasik® method – as well as the positive experience a friend of mine had had of it – encouraged me to make the final decision.

Laser surgery was a liberating experience

Because I knew that my dream was finally coming true, I was a bit nervous but excited at the same time when I arrived at the clinic. The circle was about to be closed – Juhani Pietilä himself was to do the operation. The surgery happened really fast, and despite a bit of nervousness on my part, I felt quite safe and secure. The doctor was calm and told me every step of the way how the operation was proceeding. Every member of the staff was competent and professionally skilled. I felt like I was in strong, capable hands.

Laser eye surgery has brought freedom to my life. Going from place to place is less trouble – and I don’t need to mess about with contact lenses anymore. The surgery has also been useful in my teaching work – for example, during physical education classes. I no longer have to worry about breaking eyeglasses, which in practice would’ve made me incapable of working before. Having been forced to wear super-thick lenses since the age of five, the operation has also raised my self-esteem.

I recommend this surgery to everyone who wants freedom of vision without the nuisance of glasses. There’s no need to be afraid of laser eye surgery! Inspired by my own experience, one of my brothers has also had the operation, and the other one plans to go in for surgery.


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