Ode, freestyle downhill skier:

More freedom without contact lenses

Precise vision is very important in the extreme sort of pastimes I have! I spend time throughout the year in the mountains doing freestyle downhill skiing and climbing, and I also work as a mountain guide. Though it’s fun to see the descents and base jumps with my own eyes, what attracts me the most is the ease of experiencing life in general without glasses and contact lenses.

I was capable before this of participating in sports without restrictions, but contact lenses always required their own adjustment. When you’re busy outside, fiddling with contact lenses with dirty hands in heavy wind and blizzards is really troublesome. Now I’m ready for action without the need for more complicated operations.

Painless eye surgery

My FemtoLasik® surgery went well, and they took good care of me after the operation, too. Recovery was evidently easy and fast, because I don’t really remember anything out of the ordinary during the recovery period. And right after the operation, my sight was very sharp: it was only for a moment that my vision was blurry.

I recommend surgery to everyone who wants life to be simpler and easier. I really enjoy the fact that I no longer have to deal with contact lenses or eyeglasses! Good vision really equals good feeling!


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