Saija, age 39, speech therapist, home gardener

How lovely to see without glasses!

Contact lenses were troublesome in everyday life and glasses restricted activities. I had been considering laser surgery for years before I finally decided to realize the dream. Afterwards, I only regretted the fact that I didn’t have my vision corrected earlier.

Eye surgery suddenly became something to really think about when, on a dark autumn night, I dove into a lake and my old glasses stayed on the bottom. I decided that I didn’t want new glasses anymore. Around the same time, I started to experience inconvenience with contact lenses as well: my eyes were dry, and applying the lenses felt so uncomfortable that I wasn’t using them much. Using contacts under summer cottage conditions was difficult to imagine.

Both looks and practical reasons had an impact on whether to make the decision for surgery. Glasses were, for example, in the way when working at the cottage; they got foggy, dirty and twisted. I never felt comfortable wearing glasses. When I was younger, I wore specs at school only when necessary, and the rest of the time I tried to cope without them. In high school, I started using contacts. Later convenience weighed more, but I chose to wear contact lenses in any even slightly more special occasions, and I always had to go and buy contacts, for example, in the midst of hurrying to leave for downhill skiing trips.

Losing my glasses hurried things up: I finally booked an appointment to have a preliminary examination, and was able to have the surgery scheduled for a very early date. My vision to have surgery was not fulfilled earlier, perhaps because the whole thought of an eye operation was scary. After familiarizing myself with it, though, my fears faded – especially when I realized that the most recent technology minimizes the side effects. I had also thought that surgery wouldn’t necessarily have been possible because I suffer from intraocular pressure: the examinations confirmed later that there was no reason why I couldn’t have surgery.

The very best laser technology for your eyes

I distinctly chose FemtoLasik® surgery because I was aware that it represents the latest laser technology and is a pioneer in the field. Many of my friends have undergone FemtoLasik® surgery over the years and everybody’s experience has been highly positive. I didn’t even consider other possibilities since I wanted the best for my eyes.

Being a sensitive person, I was nervous about the surgery, but the operation itself was fast and easy. I was continuously kept aware of the course of events and also received a sedative.

Wonderful vision!

During the first days, I was wondering how clearly I could see even the distant objects outside and continuously tested my vision. Even now it seems amazing to have clear sight in situations where I wasn’t able to see well earlier – like right after waking up in the morning.

Now I’ve experienced my first summer without glasses. I can enjoy swimming and having a sauna in a totally different way under my cottage’s primitive conditions, even comfortably way into the autumn, when one wants to rush to have a swim and not waste time with one’s glasses. Sun-tanning and gardening are more carefree, with no restraints and definitely more enjoyable than before. I like having a clear vision on everyday things!


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