Soile, age 59, Executive Director, jogger

Get rid of ‘ageing eye’ with laser surgery!

I had FemtoLasik® laser surgery five years ago which corrected my presbyopia (ageing eye). Before the operation I was unable to see well near or far, which made life difficult. Laser surgery is one of the few things that I can really – from the bottom of my heart – recommend to anybody.

Presbyopia made life difficult

Having ‘ageing eye’ – or presbyopia – meant that many everyday things had become more difficult than before. I got tired of not seeing enough to apply makeup well: it ended up all over the place, even if I used an enlarging mirror.

Wearing glasses felt like a burden, both at work and in my free time. My glasses steamed up when I went jogging, and I had to wear them at public swimming pools – even if I didn’t want to. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to see where to go! Multifocal lenses were an additional nuisance, since it was necessary to look down when reading, and up when looking into the distance. I spend a great deal of my day doing computer work, and that’s when multifocal lenses are inconvenient.

At home, my eyeglasses were always lost, and even my husband got a bit tired of having to bring them to me. So I decided to do something about it. After seeing an advertisement about FemtoLasik® laser surgery, I booked a free preliminary appointment, where I became convinced that my vision could be corrected by laser.

Replace ‘ageing eyes’ with visual precision

Using laser surgery to correct presbyopia was a very simple operation. I had been very afraid of the operation, because – after all – it involved having one’s eyes operated on. The actual situation ended up being very reassuring, though, and the staff made me feel quite comfortable. If I remember correctly, the actual laser surgery for refractive error lasted only about 12 seconds per eye. It didn’t take too long before the doctor told me that I could see again.

Laser surgery proved to be a completely positive experience: after the operation, I rested for a while in a dimmed room with music, coffee and chocolate. The surgeon recommended reading glasses, but it hasn’t been necessary to use them at all. I did use sunglasses, since my eyes were a bit sensitive to light for about half a year after the surgery, but that was all.

I got used to life without spectacles right away. I was already back to work the day after the surgery, and I remember seeing everything quite clearly right away. It’s still amazing to see this well. When I’m shopping in town, for example, I can actually see the prices and product labels, and at the pharmacy I can read even the smallest text on bottles.

Freedom from glasses means freedom to do sports and activities

Not having to wear glasses is a great relief in all sports: jogging, skiing, swimming… It’s also wonderful to go to sauna without glasses. Nowadays I also do winter swimming – an activity I could hardly have gone into wearing glasses. It’d be downright dangerous going into a ‘smoke’ sauna without seeing around yourself: your glasses steam up on the way to the lake and sauna, and you continuously have to put them on and take them off. I also enjoy reading in bed in the evening, so it’s lovely when your glasses don’t weigh heavily on your other ear when resting your head on the pillow. Without glasses, there’s so much more freedom in sports and recreation.


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