Tapio, age 36, food industry worker, sports enthusiast

Free of glasses and contact lenses

Wearing contacts, I was used to being free of glasses in sports and free time, but I wanted even a more carefree life.

I practise a lot and in various ways: I play soccer, floor ball, tennis and golf; do downhill skiing in winter and jog every now and then. My job at a food factory requires precision. I’ve been wearing glasses for 15 years and in addition to those, I’ve also used contacts for the last five years.

Eye surgery without a mechanical blade

It was always the same thing with glasses: it was hard to find the kind that suit you, so getting new ones was something I always put off. I often wore the old ones – scratchy lenses with twisted frames – too long. With contact lenses, the replacement schedule was too long, and the hygiene wasn’t as good as it could be, either. My eyes have always been important to me, so I started considering laser surgery as a better choice.

I had FemtoLasik® laser surgery in winter 2008. I was influenced by the fact that my vision would be corrected with the latest laser technology and without a mechanical blade. I knew beforehand that laser surgery only takes about five minutes per eye, but I was still surprised how fast I was able to walk out into the sun, equipped with the eyesight of a pilot! My experience of laser surgery was completely positive.

Care-free free time

I’ve enjoyed life for five years now without glasses. Even if laser surgery was fairly large as a single payment, I have profited from it enormously. No more wandering round opticians’ shops, carrying round contacts, or worrying about eye hygiene. Now, for example, when I play with a small child, I don’t have to look out for my glasses, and in sports I can focus on the activity itself. Laser surgery has also been of benefit to me in my work at the plant, because that requires good visual precision.

I recommend laser surgery to anybody who prefers total freedom from glasses and contact lenses. FemtoLasik® laser surgery is practically without any risk or pain as an operation, and it’s really fast. I don’t understand why I didn’t choose to have the procedure earlier, since life would’ve been much more carefree without glasses or contacts. Besides, I know now that my eyes are doing just fine. I certainly haven’t missed my glasses!


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