Laser eye surgery using the FemtoLasik®- or Smile method

FemtoLasik® and Smile laser surgery helps you to get rid of eyeglasses and contact lenses safely and painlessly – without an eye-cutting blade. During the preliminary examination, the physician determines the very best laser surgery method for your personal needs.

The safety of the procedure is state of the art and offers rapid recovery. You can already go home in about two hours after the operation – and generally your visual proficiency is already at the point that it meets the limit required by driving a car.

FemtoLasik® laser surgery represents high precision: the desired outcome is achieved in over 98% of all operations. If for some reason the target value remains unachieved, a new operation can be scheduled – free-of-charge within a year of surgery.

We offer a safe and carefully researched method to get rid of spectacles and contact lenses. We have the longest experience of laser surgery in Finland, and the newest possible laser technology endorsed by comprehensive scientific research is at our disposal.

Now’s your chance to seize the opportunity and live without glasses!


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