FemtoLasik® is a well-researched and safe method of laser surgery

The FemtoLasik® procedure is the most widely studied method of eliminating eyeglasses on the market. In addition to the comprehensive scientific research, long-term follow-up helps to make the procedure safe. In 2007, we were the first to perform FemtoLasik® surgery in the Nordic countries.

The FemtoLasik® procedure represents peak precision. It is also painless and quick. The desired result is achieved in over 98% of operations. If for some reason the target value remains unachieved, a new operation can be scheduled with the same procedure – free-of-charge within a year of surgery. Presbyopia (vision affected by getting older) is also effectively corrected by the FemtoLasik® method, even if the eyes have been subjected to laser treatment before

Due to the femtosecond laser LASIK procedure, the cornea no longer needs to be cut with a mechanical blade as in the traditional operations of this kind. Rather, the operation occurs entirely through the use of laser technology. This new technique has enabled extremely exact surgery and excellent results. After the introduction of the FemtoLasik® method, America’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has approved pilots who have undergone the related laser surgery.

Since the healthy eye is the object of refractive error surgery, it is one more reason to keep safety first. We want to offer you the sort of surgical method that can be repeated if necessary, and is supported by comprehensive scientific research. For this reason, FemtoLasik® refractive error surgery is performed by utilizing Ziemer Femto LDV femtosecond and Wavelight excimer lasers. These lasers guarantee you the safest possible surgical procedure.


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