The Wavelight excimer laser

The correction of an actual refraction error – i.e. ‘grinding’ of the cornea – is performed with an excimer laser device. At our FemtoLasik® clinics, the newest excimer technology is in use – making surgery both safe and very fast.
Our Wavelight laser equipment delivers laser rays to the surface of the eye at a rate of hundreds of times per second, enabling the correction of refraction errors very quickly indeed. Possible eye movements do not affect the final result, since the eye tracker feature in Wavelight excimer lasers follow the motions of the eye and guides the laser pulses to find just the right part of the cornea. Wavelight laser equipment, which represents the peak in the field, makes sure that refraction errors are remedied quickly and safely.

The advantage of a short surgical period is that there is virtually no swelling of the eye. For this reason, healing is significantly faster than previously, and vision clarity is achieved in only 2–4 hours. The shortened surgical period also reduces the risk of post-operative infections.

Owing to modern laser equipment, decrease in night vision is no longer a problem, as the patient’s night vision is generally better after surgery than before the operation with eyeglasses. This is due to the fact that the surgical area is significantly larger with the new apparatus than it was with the old.


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