Laser surgery is safe

Our laser surgery team is composed of three professionals: a surgeon, nurse and technician. With over 20 years of experience, our staff’s special responsibilities are very clear, and each professional is able to concentrate on his/her own core expertise. The procedure itself is thereby maximally safe and fast.

Before starting the procedure, our nurse tells you about the course of events and applies anaesthetic, antibiotic and pain-preventative drops to your eyes. During the laser operation, your nurse acts as your support person and looks after your well-being.

Our technician maintains the upkeep and use of the laser equipment. For example, s/he carefully monitors the functions of the laser devices and helps the doctor in using the equipment.

The core components of FemtoLasik® laser surgery are making a flap and the corrective lasering of refractive errors. Lasering by means of the Smile method is performed without flaps, directly inside the cornea. The precision and attention to safety of these stages are ensured by the most recent technology of our laser equipment as well as our professionally skilled staff. For example, during the corrective laser surgery, an ‘eye tracker’ follows the movements of your eyes much faster than you are able to activate your eyes yourself – so that the laser pulses find exactly the right target. The entire surgical process lasts only a little over five minutes per eye.

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