Smile is a new flapless laser surgery method

The new Smile technique is well-suited for correcting presbyopia (vision affected by getting older) as well as astigmatism. As a procedure, Smile laser surgery is painless and quick. Recovery is quite fast and virtually symptom-free.

Smile laser surgery is performed with a femtosecond laser directly beneath the surface of the cornea, whereupon a flap is not formed on the cornea. Moreover, it is not operated on with a mechanical blade. Refractive errors are corrected with a very small opening performed with the laser, whereupon the outer surface of the cornea remains virtually untouched during the whole procedure.

The Smile procedure keeps the surface of the cornea and surface nerves virtually intact, which considerably reduces post-surgical dryness of the eyes and accelerates recovery. The permanence of the Smile procedure result is assured, and there is no fear that any blows occurring in competitive sports will result in a dislocation of the flap.


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