Correction of near- and farsightedness as well as astigmatism by means of laser surgery

Laser surgery is a quick and painless method of eliminating near- and farsightedness as well as astigmatism. Laser eye surgery is planned and designed for each client individually.

Myopia can be corrected to -14 dioptres as well as hyperopia to +6 dioptres. Astigmatism can be corrected within the area of +/- 6 dioptres. If your refractive error is over 14D or +6D, suitability for the operation is considered on a case-by-case basis. In comprehensive preliminary examinations, our specialist in eye diseases clarifies the very best laser surgery method for your personal needs.

The procedure cannot be performed:

  • On those below 18 years of age
  • On patients with cataracts
  • On women who are pregnant
  • If the cornea is too thin to permit the procedure (however, this is very rare)
  • On patients with keratoconus (abnormal protrusion of the cornea): methods such as CCL and ICRS now exist to treat keratoconus. If you have keratoconus, please contact us and we can discuss your situation in more detail. Read more about correction of presbyopia (‘aging eye’) >>

Determine if you are suitable for the procedure:

If you wish to determine your suitability for laser surgery, book an appointment for a free-of-charge preliminary assessment by filling in the information at the right-hand edge of the form, and we will contact you. After the examination, our physician will recommend the best possible laser surgery technique for your specific needs.


Arrange an advance assessment - free-of-charge