Mikael Forssell, footballer:

Hitting the goal for sure!

I heard during my eye exam that my vision wasn’t normal – as I had thought it was. My family had had good experiences of FemtoLasik® surgery, so instead of contact lenses or eyeglasses I picked a laser procedure immediately. Only after the operation did I realize how bad my sight had been.

Eye surgery as a gift for my sister and girlfriend

Everything actually started when I gave my sister the gift of new eyes six years ago. My sister still played football at that point and she suffered from being nearsighted, so as a result of surgery she was able to get rid of all the hassle with contact lenses. My sister was really satisfied with her new ‘peak vision’.

A little while ago, I also gave my girlfriend FemtoLasik® surgery as a present and had my own eyes checked at the same time. It was quite a surprise when it came out that one eye was 1.5 minus and the other one 0.75, because I hadn’t sensed that there were any problems in my vision at all. On the other hand, it seemed like I was seeing things a little blurred at meetings , or I didn’t see distance well with the other eye – but I didn’t pay any bigger attention to the matter.

So I didn’t use glasses or contact lenses. After hearing that I was nearsighted, I had no interest in looking for glasses or contact lenses: instead I wanted my vision fixed with laser surgery.

I felt quite safe during the procedure

In later surgery, the only thing unpleasant was the idea that my eyes were being poked at. The progress of the operation was explained so thoroughly in advance and the job was handled so well that I felt safe and secure the whole time. The operation itself was easy, and luckily correction of my refractive error only lasted a few seconds, so I forgot it quickly. It also helped that I knew all the time that I was in the hands of professionals.

The entire experience was pleasant from start to end: the staff were professional and kind, and the premises and servings were quite fine. At FemtoLasik, customers feel like they’re being given good care and service the whole time. During the first ten days, I used antibiotic and moisturizing eye drops in accordance with the instructions, but then it was possible to just forget the drops, because my eyes no longer felt dry at all.

Precise vision was a surprise

I realized right away that now I felt a little different than before as soon as I rose to sit up on the operation table after surgery and had a look around. Though my sight was still a little blurry , I noticed that I already saw more detail than before. The next morning when I woke up I noticed that – wow – there are leaves on the trees! I still have to marvel at all the details that I didn’t see before.

Immediately during the first match after my surgery, I scored two goals – so now I’m hitting the goal for sure! The difference compared to the past is clear, though in football you don’t have to watch the ball all the time and having a feeling for the game is more important than seeing things precisely. Even so, it’s certainly useful to be able to see what happens on the field more clearly than before!


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